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I'm throwing a 3D triangulated mesh into an acoustic simulator. The simulator instructions say that ideally it wants quads. If it receives triangles, it will consider them as a degenerate quad (i.e. A B C -> A B C A)

Is there some automatic method of converting most (or all) of my triangles into quads? Somehow pairing them up...


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While in Edit mode, select the parts of your mesh you want to convert and use AltJ or from the Faces special menu with CtrlF > Tris to Quads to convert tris to quads or via the 3d view header, use, Mesh > Faces > Tris to Quads.

This tool converts the selected triangles into quads by taking adjacent tris and removes the shared edge to create a quad, based on a threshold.

To create a quad, this tool needs at least two adjacent triangles. If you have an even number of selected triangles, it is also possible not to obtain only quads. In fact, this tool tries to create "squarest" quads as possible from the given triangles, which means some triangles could remain.

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Another option is the Remesh modifier. This modifier will result in a mesh that is all quads, regardless of the topology of the input mesh. From the wiki:

The Remesh modifier is a tool for generating new mesh topology based on an input surface. The output follows the surface curvature of the input, but its topology contains only quads.

Note that if the mesh was originally quads, iKlsR's solution is what you want as it will preserve the topology (however it is not guaranteed to result in an all-quad mesh).

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