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I have a bed in a room with lots of objects. I'd like to put a sheet over the bed by simulating the sheet as cloth falling over the bed (which has collision enabled).

Problem is, I have many other objects around the bed which has collision enabled.

I tried to hide everything except the bed and the sheet, but the sheet is still affected by the collision of the other objects.

I would prefer not to move the bed out of the way, nor disable collision on the other objects because I need it for other simulations.

Is there a way to specify or exclude objects that the sheet can collide with?

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Yes. This is possible with Collision groups.

  1. Make a Group of the objects you want the sheet to collide with. (select objects and press CtrlG)

  2. Set that group in the cloth collision settings for the sheet under Cloth Collision > Collision Group:

    enter image description here

Now the sheet object will only collide with the objects in the group Bed.

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