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I have a complex scene with lot of Empties. For a better survey I would like to change the appearance of an already created empty.

Just in case: How to change the appearance of several Empties simultaneously?

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Change a single Empty

  • Select the desired Empty
  • Go the Properties Panel
  • Click on the Data tab
  • Change the Display property

enter image description here

Change multiple Empties

  • Select the desired Empties
  • Change the Display property (this will only effect the active Empty)
  • Right-click RMB on the Display property and choose: Copy To Selected

enter image description here
You can also adjust the size of the Empties in exactly the same way

Note: You can also have other 'object types' than Empties in your selection while changing the Display Type. Copy To Selected will only effect objects of the same 'object type'. enter image description here

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In addition to using Copy to Selected to change the empties' size and shape, you can also Alt+Left-Click on a property to change if for all selected objects in real time.

enter image description here

In this clip I am holding down Alt as I change the icon shape and size.

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useful addition thx – Dan Feb 25 at 13:32

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