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How do I apply a displace modifier to all objects using the same material without selecting every object one at a time that uses that material and adding a modifier to each?

Details: Since 1 material requires all the same modifier I thought maybe I could use the node editor to apply it but don't know how if it's possible.

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You can Shift+RMB to select each object, ensuring that the last object selected is the one with the modifier on it.Use Ctrl+L>modifiers to link all modifiers to the selected objects. enter image description here

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I did it wrong but it still worked. I selected all the shapes that didn't have a modifier that I wanted to apply a modifier, I assigned a modifier but nothing happened until I did CTRL+L over the selected shapes and choose modifier then it applied. – Eric Huelin Jan 28 at 6:54
Good deal that you got it worked out. If my answer was useful you can mark it as accepted by clicking the checkmark under the voting buttons. – Timaroberts Jan 28 at 7:10
OP stated they didn't want to have to select each object one at a time, yet that is what is done in this answer. – cmomoney Jan 28 at 8:33

With the object with the material and modifier as the active object, press Shift+L and select 'Materials'. this will select all objects that share the material. Then press Ctrl+L and select 'Modifiers'. This will give all the objects the same modifiers.

Note: If you want to make a change to the modifier and have the change across all the objects, you will have to select them all again and hold Alt while making the change.

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A couple of things: you can assign a single object a material, and then select all your other objects and reselect the original one last holding Shift, and press Ctrl-L to link the material to all the others. The same can be done for a modifier, and anything else you see in that list.

This is as simple as I can answer since I am not sure of how you actually have the modifier and material linked together.

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