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So most code exmaples I find are using the option to list all shading options

pie.prop(context.space_data, "viewport_shade", expand=True)

But I would like to only show 3 and have the feeling that I have to create a new class operator to execute the code like:

bpy.context.space_data.viewport_shade = 'SOLID'

Am right with that assumption?

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nope, to display a subset of an enum you can use wm.context_set_enum

        f = pie.operator("wm.context_set_enum", icon='SOLID', text='Solid')
        f.value = 'SOLID'

        f = pie.operator("wm.context_set_enum", icon='WIRE', text='Wires')
        f.value = 'WIREFRAME'

enter image description here

You might use a loop to reuse some code:

        modes = [
            ["SOLID", "SOLID", "Solid"],
            ["WIRE", "WIREFRAME", "Wires"],
            ["BBOX", "BOUNDBOX", "Bounds"]

        for ICON, VALUE, TEXT in modes:
            f = pie.operator("wm.context_set_enum", icon=ICON, text=TEXT)
            f.value = VALUE
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Grrrr Just text is what you can use for the type - I would not have guessed that. – Claas Kuhnen Jan 9 at 23:02
Do you have a paypal account? – Claas Kuhnen Jan 9 at 23:06
oh wow - RENDERED does not have an icon you can select?!?! – Claas Kuhnen Jan 9 at 23:11
Yeah that's what I imagined and I use that icon as well already. Are you in Russia? Any other service? You help me so much. – Claas Kuhnen Jan 9 at 23:51
LOL - the icon the RENDERED mode uses is called "SMOOTH" – Claas Kuhnen Jan 9 at 23:54

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