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I really dislike the color wheel for picking certain colors, especially browns. I would really like a few more options to pick the colors. A large amount of swatches would be especially nice. Now I often go to a site listing color codes and copy paste these into Blender, which is a laborious process.

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For brown, just go to red and reduce the value(slider on the right). If you can come up with a way that allows full control over the hue, saturation and value in an intuitive way, let me know, 'cause even Photoshop failed at that... – someonewithpc Sep 3 '14 at 11:01
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You can choose from four different color picker types in the user preferences:

enter image description here

Perhaps you like one the options better:

enter image description here

You might be also interested in the Palette addon which only works only in paint modes (Image Painting, Texture Paint, Vertex Paint, Weight Paint)

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