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How do a mesh object's matrix attributes relate to the global position of its vertices:





And what is each of these used for (practical examples, if possible, would be helpful)?

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There are some related questions, but some of the information I'm seeking here seems to not be present on BSE currently. –  Qutorial Aug 23 '14 at 23:31

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Practical examples

  • Object.matrix_basis - If you want to modify the loc/scale/rotation directly, as a matrix - without having to worry about what kind of rotation is used - (Euler, Axis-Angle, Quaternion).

  • Object.matrix_local - Exporters where you want to write out parent relative transformation.

  • Object.matrix_parent_inverse - Any tools that handle the transformation relationship between parents and children. (Not used often)

  • Object.matrix_world - Any time you want to know the final transformation of an object after animation, drivers, constraints and parenting are applied. You would want to use this for example - if you are writing to a format like OBJ which doesn't store object transformations.

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