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I am doing some meshing for Fallout 3/New Vegas. For a while I would make the mesh in Blender 2.71 and then I would try to open up the same .blend mesh in Blender 2.49b (since that is what making meshes for Fallout 3/New Vegas limits me to) to add in the collision meshes as well as export it to a NIF file, and make whatever changes I needed to in Nifskope.

When opening the mesh in Blender 2.49b, I get the message depicted below, and when I would hit okay and the file would open. Only the wireframe of the mesh would display rather than the actual mesh that should normally show up that's a shaded object.

I know 2.49b is old but is there something I could do with meshes edited in Blender 2.71 to make them usable in an older version of blender?

270 Files Message

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I don't think that is possible. – GiantCowFilms Aug 21 '14 at 3:34
If it's just mesh data, you can always export to a .obj and import that. – iKlsR Aug 21 '14 at 3:56
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While a lot of new data may not translate well into 2.49 as ideasman42 explains, there is an option if you only want to transfer mesh objects.

When you use 'File->Save As' there is a 'Use Legacy Mesh Format' option that will ensure no n-gon data is saved. This allows 2.49 to open a simple mesh with face data intact.

enter image description here

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No, data from newer Blend files which is unsupported in older Blender versions doesn't have a migration path (particles and animation for example).

In some cases you could export to a format that 2.4x can read, this will will only work for some limited cases (although in theory this can be made to work as long as 2.4x supports the same feature-set)

In most cases it would be less trouble to update whatever tools you you're missing to support Blender 2.7x.

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