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Is it possible to have several different views of one scene and set them as named "presets"?

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You can create new cameras with ShiftA> Camera, or you can just duplicate an existing camera with ShiftD.

To name them, enter a name in 3D view > Properties region > Item, and optionally enable Name in Properties editor > Object > Display to display the name in the 3D view:

enter image description here

The active camera (the one used when you press Numpad 0 or render) is the one with the solid triangle.

To set a camera as active, select it and press CtrlNumpad 0, or select it in the scene panel with a search-able list drop down:

enter image description here

Another useful shortcut is CtrlAltNumpad 0, which snaps the active camera to the current view.

You can lock the transforms of the camera object to prevent moving them in the 3D view:

enter image description here

However you can still move them with the transform sliders in the interface.

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Great. Thank you. I didn't mention it, but can one "lock" the cameras/aka "presets", so that they NEVER move? I know one can lock the view to camera, but that still allows scene changes. – NeverGiveUp Aug 3 '14 at 17:40
@user961976 Something like this? (see my edit) – gandalf3 Aug 3 '14 at 17:44

In addition to gandalf3's answer, you can also cycles though views using the timeline and markers. To do this, add a marker to your timeline by pressing M while hovering over the timeline. Next, select your first camera and marker, and hit CtrlB while hovering over the timeline. This will bind your camera to that marker. You can then repeat these steps for each camera in your scene.

If you place your markers on consecutive frames, you can uses the arrow keys to cycles between views.

Marker usage guide:

Move marker: G

Delete marker: X

Rename marker Ctrl-M

For more on markers see the wiki

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