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I was watching a tutorial video (Which you can find here) and at the 18:00 mark he creates a loop cut, then appears to press 'S' (scale) and mashes a few other keys that aren't displayed and the loop cut suddenly becomes completely horizontal and no longer follows the contours of the mesh.

What is happening here and how can I accomplish this, or something similar?

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He presses SZ0, which scales the selected vertices to 0 on the Z axis, flattening them.

Another useful shortcut is E during edge slide, which aligns the new loop to one of the adjacent loops (press F to switch between loops).

enter image description here

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AAH of course. This is just what I needed, thank you. – leigero Jul 29 '14 at 4:19

You could use the knife tool.

For a plane along the X Y axis, go to top view NumPad 7. Press K that starts the knife tool. To constrain the new edge to a straight ling press C. Then LMB LMB click on the top edge, move the mouse down and LMB LMB click on the last edge. knife tool

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