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Would it be possible to call Python codes I wrote in Text Editor from the Python console so that I can interact with it?

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If you name your script *.py in the text editor you can import it in the console as a module.

Beware - after you imported the script for the first time you can't import it again. If you make changes to the module you can use imp.reload or importlib.reload (for blender versions > 2.71 using python 3.4)

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You can retrieve the Text datablock's text as string and run it in the context of the Python Console.

Here's an addon that makes it easy to do so:

Run Script in PyConsole (Menu)

Globals of your script will be added to the globals of the Python Console environment.

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That's an useful addon. Is there an option to reset a console in blender? – pink vertex Jul 8 '14 at 10:28
As in resetting the scrollback, history and environment (globals and locals)? Well, you can remove members from locals() and globals() and bpy.ops.console.clear() resets the scrollback, but the history stays. I tried resetting the console by splitting and joining the area, but joining is buggy. – CoDEmanX Jul 8 '14 at 21:40

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