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I've downloaded the Zip file for Windows 64Bit and unpacked it and now have a folder with 226Mb of files that includes a Blender.exe. I however, couldn't find any installation instructions either in the readme or the created folder structure. I'm trying to set up 2.71 for production testing. How do I do that or where do I find instructions on how to do that? Thanks John

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In that folder you unzipped, just double click on the blender.exe file. There is no need to "install" blender like you are thinking. Blender runs straight from the unzipped folder.

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It appears to work as you described – John Burrill Jun 24 '14 at 18:16

The Release Candidate seems to be only released as a zip file. This can be unzipped wherever you want and run from the folder, it doesn't need to install.

If you download the latest official release of Blender, currently 2.70, then you have the option of either downloading a regular installer or a zip again.

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