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I have copied the default cube with the array modifier.

I can rotate my camera around the center of the cubes by pressing "shift + c".

How can I set the pivot to the center of the cubes? I could do it by setting the 3D cursor in the center and then set origin to 3D curser, but how do I get the 3D cursor in the center? Do I have to calculate the position by hand and set the coordinated componentwise, or is there also a shortcut?

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Here's one hackish way to do it, taking advantage of the fact that positioning the 3D cursor is not undo-able.

  1. Apply the array modifier

  2. Enter edit mode (Tab)

  3. Select everything (A)

  4. Press ShiftS> Cursor to selected

  5. Exit edit mode (Tab)

  6. Undo twice (CtrlZ)

enter image description here

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the problem is that even though I copied the cube 5 times with the array modifier I can only edit one cube. Setting the cursor to selected will only center the curser to my first cube - in editmode and objectmode. By the way is the blender wiki currently down? – Adam Jun 19 '14 at 7:10
@Adam You must first apply the array modifier as in step 1 (don't worry, this is undone later). The wiki does appear down.. Wait, now it's back up. – gandalf3 Jun 19 '14 at 7:13

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