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In the 3D view port's header, what does the button next to the Pivot Point button do? The button in question has a shortcut of alt ,. It is in the red square in the picture below. image

What is it use for and how is it used?

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That button is the manipulate center points option, which allows you to manipulate the origins of objects without affecting the rotation and scale of the objects themselves.

For example, if I scale these objects without it enabled, they are stretched. With it enabled, only the origins are moved (only affecting object location):

enter image description here

Note that with only one object selected, enabling this option will cause scaling or rotating the object to do nothing.

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The icon makes sense once you know what it does. – Neil Jun 19 '14 at 8:19
@Neil Wow.. I just noticed that my example gif sort of matches the icon :P That was a complete accident.. – gandalf3 Jun 19 '14 at 8:33

It is the pivot point align option, it allows to rotated or scale selected objects relative to the selected pivot point.

In this animated gif the pivot point is set to 3D-Cursor.

enter image description here


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