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Functions such as os.path.exists(image.filepath) fail when Blender uses relative paths, This seems to be because Blender uses // prefix for relative paths, unlike the more conventional ./.

How can standard Python filesystem functions be used correctly on Blender paths?

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The // prefix is Blender specific to denote relative paths used within Blender,

To use Python's filesystem functions you'll have to first expand this using:


filepath_full = bpy.path.abspath(image.filepath, library=image.library)

Unlike ./ however, which simply expands the current-working-directory (os.getcwd()), Blender supports library-linked files. This means the directory of the current data-block could be a different path then the currently open Blend file.

If you are operating data which the script created, You can skip passing the library argument.

filepath_full = bpy.path.abspath(image.filepath)

Note that this isn't specific to images, it works for movie-clip, sounds, sequencer and text blocks too.

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